Best Lightweight Hiking Shoes 2016

Hiking shoes can be found in all various sizes and shapes, however lightweight hiking shoes are often going to be much better than heavy hiking shoes. In regards to energy expense, every pound on your feet amounts to about 5 on your back. So lightweight hiking shoes truly do make a distinction. Simply as a huge, heavy knapsack would have you gasping for air, huge heavy hiking shoes will likewise have you gasping, while lightweight hiking shoes will leave you with a lot of energy.

Exactly what to search for when you desire best lightweight hiking shoes.

Water resistant– Though it’s definitely possible to discover a pair of lightweight water resistant hiking shoes, that water resistant liner is weight that you most likely do not require. In reality, if you desire lightweight hiking shoes it’s much better to enter the other instructions, and get as lots of holes as you can in your shoes, so that they’re as breathable as possible.
Proprioception– Many hiking shoes featured a lot assistance and cushioning that if you could not see exactly what you were strolling on you would never ever have the ability to inform. However, that experience of exactly what’s under you, which is called proprioception, can really enhance the hiking experience, and eliminating that excess product in between you and the ground conserves weight too.

Best Lightweight Hiking Shoes

A few of the best lightweight hiking shoes for males and females.

1. Vibram Five Fingers TrekSport (Women’s)

Vibram Five Fingers TrekSport


If you desire lightweight, then Vibran’s really distinct toe shoes are a fantastic option. This specific variation includes a bit more grip on the bottom, to offer you much better traction on irregular, muddy or slippery tracks. The top is likewise confined, so that you wont have dirt, sticks and rocks discovering their method down into the shoes. Obviously just like all the Vibram Five Fingers, the sole is rather thin, which minimizes weight however likewise offers you a lot more proprioception with the ground. They weigh 12.4 ounces, or 351 grams.

2. Inov8 X-Talon 212 (Women’s Roclite 268)

Inov8 X-Talon 212 (Women's Roclite 268)


The X-Talon 212s weigh simply 212 grams, 7.5 ounces, according to their name (the comparable ladies’s shoe weighs 268 grams), making them the lightest hiking shoes without a doubt on this list. They’re produced path running and far away, cross nation travel, where each and every single gram on your feet matters. The upper is thin mesh, to permit a lot of air blood circulation, and bottom is sticky rubber, which offers outstanding traction on bad tracks. These are likewise relatively thin on the bottom, however do have some cushioning, to cushion your feet over the long miles. So an exceptional pair of very lightweight hiking shoes.

3. Montrail Mountain Masochist (Women’s).

Montrail Mountain Masochist (Women's


Another pair of relatively basic hiking shoes that do a half suitable task of being lightweight. The pair weighs 21.6 ounces, or 612 grams, so not as lightweight as the alternatives above, however definitely not heavy either. They’e a fundamental mesh on the top with a grippy sole on the bottom. They likewise provide a good amount of money of cushioning, which is where a great deal of that additional weight lies. So if you desire a lightweight hiking shoe with a bit more cushioning, these are a perfect option.

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