Sonic Boost: The Best Over Ear Headphones for Running

If you’re a runner, chances are you perform to your upmost ability when you’ve got your favorite tunes bumping in your ears to inspire you, encourage you, and push you to go that extra mile. Whether you choose aggressive gangster rap to give you an extra boost of confidence, heavy metal to keep you persevering, pop music to keep you singing along on the toughest runs or just some smooth jazz to keep your breathing steady you deserve the best sound quality from your headphones. That’s where revolutionary sports headphones makers 66 Audio’s BTS+ Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Sports Headphones come in so we are going to take a closer look to see if they really are the best over ear headphones for running.

66 Audi BTS The Best Over Ear Headphones for Running

The BTS+ 4.0’s offer an amazing amount of features that make them the perfect choice when looking for a pair of headphones that can keep up with your routine in even the most grueling runs and keep you in the loop even when you’re working up a sweat on mile eight. Thanks to their integrated Bluetooth technology the BTS+s offer not only a phenomenal stereo headphone but also a hands-free phone headset with clear voice capture technology that works with virtually all Bluetooth ready devices from Apple to Android.

The BTS+ 4.0’s also offer a wireless headphone experience meaning you won’t get tangled in those pesky wires when you’re hitting the peak on your run. Below, we’ll look at some more pros and just a few cons of 66 Audio’s unique over ear sports headphones as well as give you a rundown of the features and specs of the 66 Audio BTS+ 4.0 Wireless Sports Headphones.


  • – Incredible stereo sound compatible with all blue tooth music players such as IPhone, Android, Apple watch, iPod, PC, and Mac.
  • – Headphones that double as Bluetooth ready headset for hands free calling featuring clear voice capture and noise cancellation.
  • – Four hundred hours of standby time and over thirty hours of play time from a single charge.
  • – Features multi-point pairing and battery life indicator in real-time on IOS devices.
  • – Designed for comfort, rigidity, and style, made of lightweight plastics and features a backing ear brace to hold headphones in place during extra strenuous runs.


  • – Incredible, clear, loud and stereo sound no matter what genre or style of music you prefer on your runs.
  • – Full controls for both headphone and headset usage right on the side of the headphone, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your run instead of stopping to change songs, increase or decrease volume or answer the phone.
  • – Long battery life and long stand by times assure the beat won’t stop in the middle of your work out while also allowing for plenty of time in between charges.
  • – Battery life indicator on IOS devices makes sure you know just how long you have before your BTS+ 4.0’s needs charging.
  • – Awesome design allows for the utmost in comfort while staying on during those faced paced runs.


  • – The aptX audio technology featured by the 66 Audio BTS+ 4.0’s, which allows for a much clearer more concise sound, is not available on IOS devices.
  • – A bit glitchy. Turning your head quickly or a particularly hard step may result in loss of sound for a few seconds.
  • – Using the buttons on the side of the headphones may result in an uncomfortable ‘thwacking’ sound in the headphones themselves.


Though the BTS+ 4.0’s do feature a few quirks in which a re-design would be helpful, ultimately these headphones are the perfect accessory for enjoying your music while on your daily run. The sound of these 66 Audio phones rival that of many studio quality headphones from much larger companies and for a far more inexpensive price in both sports headphones and professional headphones.

The BTS+s are sturdy, fit well, and are lightweight for retaining comfort during long jogs or intense runs. With great sound, above average endurance, and a comfortable fit, what more could you ask for from your running headphones?

Possible Alternatives

If you like the sound and features of the 66 Audio BTS+ 4.0’s but for whatever reason would like something just a bit difference there are a multitude of different products that might serve as good alternatives. In recent years Skull Candy has come out with an extensive line of products that mirror 66 Audio’s features with only a few minor detractors.

The Hesh 2.0 Wireless set from is a nice alternative to the BTS+’s but may run a higher cost and not retain the rigidity of 66 Audio’s set. Another fine alternative is the Audio-Technica ATH-ANC27’s, which boasts amazing sound and features but again may not retain the comfort or placement that the BTS+ 4.0’s will while running.


In conclusion, the 66 Audio BTS+ 4.0’s really do provide the best value. At an inexpensive price and featuring a plethora of fine features and made solely for the purpose of providing a clear, booming and loud sound for runners, it’s hard to look the other way when it comes to selecting the best of the best in ear running headphones. The perfect culmination of design, functionality, comfort, sound, features, and dexterity, these headphones were specially made for a running life on the road. For my money, and when I’m running, nothing beats the 66 Audio BTS+ 4.0 headphones.

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