Best Pearl Izumi EM Road N1 Running Shoes reviews

Pearl Izumi EM Road N1 Running Shoe Evaluation

Prior to this summer season I had actually never ever put on a Pearl Izumi running shoe. I’m familiar with the brand from their high-end technical clothes, however had actually considered them more as a biking brand that had actually just taken tentative enter the running market. That being stated, I had actually heard rumblings about a brand-new line of shoes they were dealing with, when Timothy Olson won Western States in among their in-production path shoes the web babble about the brand truly got.

Pearl Izumi EM Road N1 Running Shoe

A few short months ago a representative from Pearl Izumi called me to see if I ‘d such as to try among the shoes in their brand-new E-Motion line. They end up sending out 2 pairs– the EM Road N1 for me, and the EM Trail N1 for Nate. We’ve now had time to obtain some miles on the shoes and prepare to render our decisions (Nate’s evaluation ought to come quickly).

Sole Construction

The sole is truly the story for the Pearl Izumi EM Road N1. All the shoes in the Pearl Izumi E-Motion line function something they are describing as vibrant balanced out. As explained in the video below, PI discuss how balanced out modifications as the foot rolls through throughout the running stride (they utilize a heel striking gait as the default):.

Running Warehouse reports stack heights of 22mm in the heel, 15mm in the forefoot. I want I had actually determined the insole prior to putting miles on the shoe because insoles tend to compress rapidly in particular locations, however I discovered that the insole density modifications along it’s length:.

I’m questioning if the insole design is partially the factor that this does not seem like a 7mm drop shoe? The thicker part of the insole under the midfoot does not a lot seem like arch assistance as it does simply a thickening because area. The feeling is rather like the Skechers GoRun 2, which likewise has a smooth trip (however is a much softer shoe).
The net impact of all of this is that the shoe provides on Pearl Izumi’s guarantee of an extremely smooth trip, though it took me a few short runs to actually feel it. To me it runs a lot like a 4mm drop or lower shoe.

With each subsequent run the shoe began to grow on me. It’s gotten to the point where I actually desire to pull this shoe out for each run that I go on. I’ve put about 50 miles on them so far, and it’s certainly one of those shoes that would have gotten a really various evaluation had I not offered it more than simply a few short runs.
As constantly, I’m restricted in my capability to comment on resilience offered that I generally examine shoes after 30-50 miles (it’s tradeoff to examining a lot of shoes myself– cannot get a lot of miles on each). Remarks on toughness are welcome from those with more miles on these shoes!

Upper Construction and Fit.
The upper of the EM Road N1 is great. The forefoot is made up of a woven mesh that has some offer to it– I can stretch it when I press my huge toe up or out, which is something I constantly such as in a shoe. Do not believe I’ve run in them sockless, however see no factor why I could not.

The upper has very little structural parts– stability is offered exclusively by thin bonded overlays, and the heel counter is much minimized compared with more conventional shoes– it extends possibly just an inch approximately above the sole.
It hugs well through the heel and midfoot, and the forefoot, though not very broad, is plenty accommodating for my foot. I discover these to be extremely comfy shoes.


I’ve utilized them for a range of exercises (simple runs to hillside repeats) and on both asphalt and dirt roadways (no tracks). They are a fairly firm shoe, so responsiveness is likewise excellent enough for racing. If’ you’re in the market for a shoe that feels simply a bit various than your common fitness instructor and provides an extremely smooth, comfy trip, the Pearl Izumi EM Road N1 is absolutely worth an appearance.

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