Best Running Shoes For High Arches


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Greatest Running Shoes for High Arches Finder 2016

How can you select shoes for a high arch that can help you run pain free? As opposed to stability shoes, these do not have stability apparatus or a medial post. They’ll have more flexibility and a softer midsole. This helps to allow natural pronation (side to side movement).

Yet, they do have a strong, distinct arch support. Naturally, every foot is different. Some might have too strong an arch support for your feet, and a few might not be too irregular.

There are lots of options out there, and it might be hard to understand where to start searching. We’ve found some great alternatives for runners with high arches, and looked at the best shoes for high arches available online. They span a variety of fashions and have several types of support built in.

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“These are amazing for running. as soon as I heard folks say that “Shoes matter,” I did not believe them, until I began wearing these. I absolutely adore them.”

Available in men’s and women’s sizes, these Brooks are lightweight but fully supporting. With a sculpted mid-foot and arch support, they’re ideal for high-arched runners who want sneakers intended for speed.


  • They’re very light. The Pure Cadence is one of Brooks’ special line of footwear that is lightweight. This really is due to the airy foam cushioning used. One reviewer wrote, “Exceptionally lightweight.
  • These have a particular rounded heel which is intended to produce perfect “strike” form. This means as they hit the earth and encounter less wear and tear, your feet will follow an all-natural pace.
  • They are long lasting. All stitching is still intact, no issues on the outsole.
  • For high arch runners, there is a sculpted mid-foot. This is designed to fit into the upper, to ensure that your foot remains aligned during your run.
  • “I have plantar fasciitis (, or, nevertheless, that is spelled, ‘PF’ for short) in my feet. Constantly hurts. These actually help. They feel astounding.


  • It’s not a an alternative that is heavily cushioned. It’s not on the heavy end, while most reviewers said it provided enough support for them.
  • Some reviewers said they ran a bit tight, and advocated ordering half a size up.

1. Nike Air Pegasus 30

“Old loyal Pegasus delivers again and again. Love these!”

These Nikes are lightweight, and heavily cushioned than the Pure Cadence. They are a customer favorite, and are very long-lasting.

nike air pegasus+ 30 mens running trainers 599205 sneakers shoes (uk 9.5 us 10.5 eu 44.5, black metallic silver volt 070)

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Reviewers said these were exceptionally durable. The longevity and relatively low cost kept customers coming back.
A reviewer raved, “The cushion in these is amazing. I’m a nurse as well as on my feet the majority of the day and they are rather comfortable. I also have issues with plantar fasciitis , therefore I need a good arch support and these fit the bill.”
Reviewers also said there is little to no break in period. These can be comfortable from day one.

Nike Air Pegasus+ 30 Running Shoes Size 8

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Plus, Nike has especially comprised a higher arch support in these.
“Despite being amazingly well cushioned, it somehow also manages to be flexible in the forefoot. The middle section of it wraps my foot snugly, giving arch support. I feel both safe and comfortable in this pair. Also, these are lighter than some other cushioned pairs I Have attempted. In short, I really like it!”


  • They fit little. Reviewers recommended ordering a half size to a size up.
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  • “I’ve fallen in love with the Supernova show. I ran cross country in high school so these can take plenty of miles.”
  • The Supernova Sequence runs closer to a solidity pair than our other alternatives. It is created to keep your feet running level and straight, and is perfect for over or under pronation-a common symptom of high arches. It is available in Women’s and Men’s sizes.


The sole is constructed around an EVA Secure Frame. This is created of sculpted, compressed foam, and works to give alignment and structure. It will also mold to your foot as you use it. As your foot needs it the effect is to keep powerful arch support exactly. Adidas also says that this model has a “Torosion System” designed to guide the foot’s turning across the mid-foot for optimum transition from mid-foot stance to forefoot push-off.”
“I purchased these on the recommendation of a running specialist. I ‘ve these corrected it than any other pair and an over pronation. There’s lots of padding and they are super comfy to wear all day.”


They’re not light, because of the amount of cushioning. One reviewer wrote, “The only bad thing I can say about these is that they can be difficult to get used to if you’ve never used this chain before. All these are some of the most heavy sneakers I Have owned in my life due to the amount of padding at the heel. Fortunately after about a week or two of jogging in them the weight isn’t any longer an issue.”

2. New Balance Men’s MT1210 NBX Trail Running Shoe

“A near perfect pair of trail runners I ‘ll by again… and again.”

A fantastic option from New Balance for trail runners with high arches. These have traction that is powerful, durable cushioning, and come completely equipped for off-road adventures.

New Balance Men's MT1210 NBX Trail Running Shoe



The upper is made from a breathable mesh material, which is designed to fit securely and closely. The broad toe box was complimented by many reviewers in these. There’s also toe protection constructed over the mesh fabric. Your feet tend to overheat or if you are in a climate that is warm, the net will come in handy.
Buyers remarked on the comfort level of these, saying, “The cushioning throughout these is also quite comfortable. I find them more comfortable when I’m running on gravel or uneven pavement. These appear to distribute my footsteps on the inconsistent trails better.”
The soles are made from Vibram rubber designed for longevity. Reviewers found that these shoes stood up over time.
Several reviewers noted that the traction was extraordinary. In addition they supply cushioning over uneven surfaces. In the event you will be running in mountains or hills, these are great shoes.
“The stiff Rev-lite mid-soles do dampen the street feel a bit more than what I’m accustomed to, but the trade off is outstanding cushioning for my feet over the long haul.”


  • They’re stiff in the beginning, and reviewers said there is a break-in period before these hit their stride.
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  • “I have flat feet, had plantar fasciitis and have attempted many running shoes. I ‘ve used them for my last three Ironman contests. Great shoes!”
  • They are available for women and men.


A sock-fit midsole provides stability and arch support. The upper is completely breathable, and is made to fit securely throughout. This keeps your foot aligned with the supporting footbed.
In the sole, Power Grid provides lightweight support. It distributes weight and impact away from pressure points. By returning the energy of each measure it is also designed to keep momentum forward.
Many reviewers said these shoes including, provided relief for many foot maladies and helped with pronation control plantar fasciitis.
They’re a customer favorite. Many buyers would keep purchasing them so long as they were made, and said that they had been running in these shoes for a long time.

A couple reviews mentioned receiving shoes with manufacturing defects. Nonetheless, those buyers had no trouble returning them.

3. Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 15 (7.5 ee)

“Love, love, adore!!! Feels like I am running on air!!!!! No pain or distress in my feet even after running 13 miles.”

Designed specifically for girls, these Brooks shoes are versatile and colorful. Brooks describe these shoes as “increased cushioning with just a bit of firmness.”

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The sole uses segmented cushioning for easier transitions. This unique crash pad allows your foot to hit the earth slowly, with a rolling motion that is natural. That means you will be creating joint pressure that is less and running easily.
Reviewers agreed this shoe is cushioned enough to consume impact but has enough stability for moderate pronators. They said the road feel was soft, but not squishy or wobbly.
There’s a mesh material upper for moisture and odor control.
“The shoes are lightweight, flexible, encouraging but not stiff, wide enough in the toe region (something I ‘ve trouble with), fasten on my feet. Everything I ever wanted. I seriously adore these shoes.”


Some reviewers found that they ran a bit modest.


Running shoes made for high arch runners aren’t usually too bulky. They are more slender than a support shoe or motion control shoe because you will not need pronation control (as you’d with flat feet). Yet, they’re still going to be a bit more bulky than your average shoe. That means the arch and mid -foot will likely be a bit thicker. Our selections present that you simply do not have to lose appearances entirely with that said.


You want to make sure your running shoes last. All shoes wear down over time, particularly the tread. But cushioning and support can also fall over time. You’ll want to find arches and shoes whose insoles do not soften outside with wear. As a high-arched runner, you need arch support that is constant.


Most specialized running shoes run around $100. One means to conserve money would be to get the previous year’s model. However, in the event that you do that you might lose out on essential updates to the shoe’s form and function. Each year, companies make their shoes engineered, and lighter, slicker.

Many running shoes have custom cushioning designed to boost overall foot construction and correctly engineered midsoles while it is a cheap choice to get an insole with a high arch support.

Guide to selecting the top running shoe for you

Now that you’ve looked at a number of the options available, how do you choose which will be ideal for you?

In the event you are running off road, the New Balance MT1210 is a fantastic alternative. They are comfortable, long-lasting and have solid traction on any terrain.

Road runners will be -served by the Nike Air Pegasus or the Saucony Hurricane. Both are lightweight but still provide ample cushioning. The Brooks Ravenna is a well-known alternative, designed particularly for women.

It supplies the lightness and ground -contact of a shoe that is minimalist, with special arch support designed particularly for you.

With a strong firmness foundation, the Adidas Supernova Sequence provides maximum cushioning for the greatest-arched running shoe to control pronation.

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