Best Shoes For Pregnant Women – Reviews

Keep reading and find out what kind of shoes you should and shouldn’t be wearing during pregnancy, as well as a few specific Best Shoes For Pregnant Women that we would recommend.

Best Shoes For Pregnant Women

Pregnancy can be a really rough time thanks to all of the morning sickness, weight gain, foot and leg pain, swollen feet and ankle, and whole number of other things and that’s why having the right pair of shoes to wear during pregnancy is really important. The right pair of shoes can go a long way in keeping you comfortable during an otherwise no so comfortable 9 months

What Kind Of Shoes Are Best For Pregnant Women?

What type of shoe you have is really important during pregnancy because of a few different reasons. The shoes that you wear have to have great arch support because that is a vital aspect when looking to avoid foot pain. Feet already hurt during pregnancy so they don’t need to hurt even more due to a lack of arch support.

A good pair of pregnancy should also have a thick and padded foot sole to absorb as much shock and impact as possible while walking. The shoes should also be very flexible to make sure that they adjust to the shape of the foot well, also because feet tend to swell during pregnancy so having a pair of shoes that are slightly elastic will go a long way.

The types of shoes that usually work well are those that have been built with orthotics in mind, or at least have some sort of orthotic insole. These shoes should also be very easy to slip on and off to avoid having to bend down too much. That being said, many types of sandals and flip flops can work well for pregnancy.

Also shoes such as running shoes that are designed for standing on your feet for long periods of time are ideal as well. That’s why we are here today, to give you a list of the top 9 shoes that you can wear during pregnancy to make sure that you are comfortable and pain free. Here is our list of the best shoes for pregnant women to wear.

The 9 Best Shoes For Pregnant Women – Casual, Work, And Summer Options

1. Naturalizer Women’s Lifetime

This is a really great everyday shoe for a pregnant woman because they are really easy to slip on and off. All you need to do to put them on is zip up the zipper which is good because you won’t be bending down forever to tie your shoes. Another reason as to why these shoes are great during pregnancy is because they are ultra-light weight and that means that there isn’t too much extra weight to carry around.

The Women’s Lifetime shoes are really comfy because they have a great synthetic sole with special comfort cushioning so your feet won’t be hurting even more than they already are. Pregnancy can already cause swollen ankles and feet so you don’t want a hard sole; these ones are just right. The Naturalizer is really flexible and that’s important when you’re pregnancy because your feet probably already hurt. These are fantastic shoes for everyday wear, being around the house, or going for a quick grocery run. They could even be worn to work if it is a slightly more casual environment.

2. Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoe

These shoes are extremely comfortable and good for being around the house or going for a quick walk. First of all you don’t even have to ties these shoes or deal with a zipper. The simple pull tab at the back lets you slip them on without a problem. They’re also really cool because the Sketchers Women’s Walking Shoes have a neat zigzag pattern; shoes need to look good too! Of course a pregnant woman needs a comfortable shoe that isn’t going to make their feet hurt even more than they already do which is why these shoes are ultra-soft and padded.

The foot bed is made of an ortholite cushion and that’s half the story because the midsole is made of Resalyte comfort foam so you know that these things are comfortable. These shoes even have a really flexible outsole to make sure that they aren’t stiff; pregnant feet can get swollen so a stiff shoe is no good. These Skechers even have an anti-bacterial foot sole to make sure that there are as little germs on your feet and in your shoes as possible.


3. TOMS Women’s Canvas Slip-On

This is a really great shoe to wear during a pregnancy because first of all, like pregnancy shoes need to be, they are very easy to slip on and off; no zippers or laces needed. The TOMS are really neat because they come in over 30 different colors and styles to make sure that you can still look cool and coordinated and you can be sure that there’s one of these to fit every outfit.

The cushioned rubber outsole is really great to keep the pain away and make sure that most of the impact from walking is absorbed. High impact combined with hard shoe soles don’t go together well during pregnancy and these shoes take care of that no problem. Of course the outside isn’t the only part that is padded; the inside of the Toms Women’s Canvas Slip-On has a superiorly padded foot bed that bends to the form of the feet to provide great arch support. For being around the house or going on a little walk these shoes will definitely do the trick just fine.

4. Dansko Women’s Shayla Fashion Sneaker

The Dansko Fashion Sneakers are really great for doing things like going grocery shopping, going for a nice walk, or even for going to work as well, granted you probably shouldn’t be working to much while pregnant. There are a ton of great customer reviews saying how comfortable this shoe is, not to mention that it looks really cool too. There is a great synthetic sole that provides for really great shock absorption and comfort.

Plus the insole is specially designed like a running shoe to provide optimal comfort and arch support. Arch support is very important during pregnancy to make sure that the feet don’t start hurting. Another thing that people really seem to like about these shoes is that they are partially made of leather, and that just makes everyone feel better!

5. Skechers Cali Women’s Meditation Slingback Yoga Flip Flop

Flip flops are great for wearing no matter what the occasion is, but when you’re pregnant they can actually really be quite beneficial. These Slingback Yoga Flip Flops have a heel that measures one inches and a platform that is half an inch’ that combined with the great arch support designed to fit the shoe of the feet means that your feet will always be very comfortable and supported. As we said before, arch support is really important!

The yoga sling back style is also really good because it has a thick strap and a big back strap to keep the feet in place and to make sure that the shoes don’t just slip off. That’s also the great part though because all you have to do is slip your feet in the shoes and pull the strap up over your ankle. These flip flops are great for the summer heat and they’re good because give the feet some open air so there’s no fabric pressing against them.

6. Clarks Women’s Clarks Morse Tour Sandal

This is a really great casual wear shoe that can be worn at the beach, at home, or even at work during the summer. Sandals are always a number one choice for pregnant woman because the Velcro straps make things really easy and there are no laces involved. These Clarks Morse Tour Sandals do really well on walking trips because they have a really well designed foot bed which means that your feet will always have really great support and won’t be in pain.

The really flexible sole do wonders to prevent foot pain while pregnant or not because they bend to the shape of the feet and don’t offer very much resistance. Many people recommend these shoes for any and all warm weather because they of course let the feet breathe and they are very light weight as well. They’re also really great because there are 2 sets of straps that let you adjust them as your feet grow or swell during pregnancy.

7. Dansko Women’s Professional Oiled Leather Clog

These are probably the best shoes around for pregnant women that are tough enough to still go to work for as long as possible. These shoes are fantastic because they are made out of genuine leather. Leather is great because it is pretty flexible and will give the feet some room to swell if need be, not only that but leather is really good looking and perfect for a work environment too. The inside of the shoe is perfectly designed to provide as much arch support as humanly possible to keep the feet healthy and comfortable.

The arch support keeps the feet, the calves, and your back from hurting any more than it needs to during a long pregnancy. The fact that the platform is significantly higher than the front of the foot means that there is even more support provided. Plus the great synthetic sole provides for a lot of comfort and shock absorption which is always needed during pregnancy. These shoes have stellar customer reviews and won’t cause you to go bankrupt either. They are perfect for a pregnancy and even better for wearing to work.

8. Skechers Performance Women’s On-The-Go Chugga Bootie

These are great shoes to have during pregnancy because they have multiple functions. The On The Go Chugga Bootie can be worn around the house like a slipper or it can be worn outside. They are especially good for the winter time because they have a faux Sherpa lining which means that they are not only ultra- soft and very comfortable, but they are also extremely warm too.

They are fantastic because they have no laces, Velcro or straps and all that you have to do is to slip them on. The Chugga Booties also have great arch and heal to support to make sure that your feet won’t be in any pain. A good synthetic sole as well as arch support is extremely important and that’s exactly what these shoes provide. Not only are these shoes very comfortable, but they are also very stylish and good looking. In our opinion this is one of the best shoes for pregnant women far and wide.

9. Dansko Women’s Helen Fashion Sneaker

These are some really good pregnancy shoes because they work for pretty much any situation including being at work, at home, our out for a little stroll. The Dansko Sneakers are really great to have during pregnancy because the elasticized laces and the on off toggle allow you to easily slip them on and off. Of course these shoes are fantastic in terms of providing arch support and comfort because they have a removable memory foam insert that has built in arch support.

The sneakers also have an extra lightweight midsole to make them as light as possible because we all know that a pregnant woman doesn’t need to be carrying around any extra weight. The shoes are also made of suede and mesh which means the both look good and they also let your feet breathe as well. You don’t necessarily have to be pregnant to buy these shoes because they are really great no matter what.

What Type Of Shoes Should I Avoid When Pregnant?

Some different types of shoes that should be avoided during pregnancy are things like skateboard shoes, most platform shoes, high heels, stilettos, and sometimes even flip flops. When it comes to flip flops you need to wear pairs some of those that we have described above because many of them are way too flat and have absolutely no arch support.

That being said you need to seriously avoid anything that has high heels because they don’t support the feet well and they even cause pain when people aren’t pregnant; they just aren’t built with the feet in mind and are more than likely to cause back pain. Also try to avoid shoes with laces because mending down for that long to tie a pair of shoes can be a real struggle. Any of the Best shoes for pregnant women to wear have been mentioned above.

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