Best shoes for standing on concrete all day

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If your task requires that you stand and walk extended hours on the concrete floor as well as your feet hurt, ensure you wear comfortable shoes that support your arches and provide good padding. Putting on wrong shoes can provide you heel pain, leg joint pain, and back again pain that can result in more severe ft . problems like plantar fasciitis. There are several good brands in shoes industry such as Crocs, Dansko, Timberland, New Balance, Clarks and ECCO offer best shoes for standing on concrete all full day. They are made to support arches and absorb shock due to thick soles. By using appropriate shoes for your working environment, the chance of problems for your toes and joint parts will be reduced.                     

What shoes in order to avoid?

  1. Avoid pointed rearfoot. Heals significantly less than 2 in . are recommended.
  2. Avoid Flats that are constructed of skinny bottoms because they don’t provide padding and support.
  3. Fitted tight shoes poorly

What things to Look for in best shoes for standing on concrete all day?

Look for shoes that are created for healthcare specialists such as Dansko. They are created to provide comfort for 12+ time of standing. You can even consider buying work shoes and boots to decrease the strain on feet anticipated to standing on a concrete floor for extended hours. Cushioning shoe inserts are an alternative solution and affordable way to get extra cushioning and support.

1. Shoes Inserts

Superfeet GREEN Premium Insoles

Superfeet GREEN Premium Insoles

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Before reading the tips for good shoes, additionally it is important to indicate that orthotic inserts could even become more helpful than good shoes. Some common shoes include removable footbeds even, so you can find room for the inserts. Naturally, you will get ft . inserts that are directly designed to slip on the surface of the footrests.

Sof Sole Airr Orthotic Performance Insole

Sof Sole Airr Orthotic Performance Insole

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You can buy these inserts off-the-shelf at many shoe and drugstores stores. One of these is Powerstep ProTech Orthotics. You may get custom-made orthotic inserts from a health care provider also. The proper couple of orthotics can help in relieving the pressure in your feet which includes developed due to standing extended hours. These insoles will provide enough firm and cushioning arch support. Also, your very best choice depends after the type of your foot problem as well as your budget.

2. Extra Cushioned Shoes

You look for a footwear offering excellent cushioning and a solid sole. You might like to have just a little style in your shoe still, that is certainly taken into account for the list following as well. You will observe other key features that are reoccurring but different among certain brands.

Rugby Shoes best shoes for standing on concrete all day

Does your task enable you to wear athletic shoes? Several shoes such as New Balance 626 athletic shoes and Dansko tennis shoes has suitable for people who stand on the concrete flooring for 10-12+ time. They assist in avoiding the feet stress that may arise because of excessive pounding.

Do you will need professional looking shoes for standing on concrete all day long?

Some working careers have dress rules, and you aren’t permitted to wear any shoes. However, you can find some very fashionable shoes which may have been designed to offer protection against foot stress too specially.

Dansko, ECCO, and Timberland are shoe manufacturers that produce stylish and supportive shoes for folks who’ve to be on their ft all day but still look professional. You can find beautiful dress shoes for men and women and slide protected dress shoes.

1. New Equilibrium Cross Training 626V2 Work Shoes

New Balance Men's MC1005 Tennis ShoeNew Balance

New Balance Men’s Mid626K2 Training Work Shoe

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New Stability Mens Mid626V2 Training Work Shoe best shoes for standing on concrete all day. New Stability 626 V2 for women and men is certainly a neutral cushioning cross training work shoe which is suitable for persons who work standing and walking on the concrete floor all day.  The shoe is well cushioned specifically in the heels and offer enough arch support to avoid injury to your toes by absorbing shock.

New Balance Women's

New Balance Women’s WID626V2 Work Shoe

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The New Stability 626 V2  has various features including slip tolerant to oil, water and soap. Cement flooring can easily become slippery because of a number of different substances in several manufacturing and other environments. The heel of the shoe measures 1.75 in ., and the only real is rubber as the other upper part of the shoe is durable black leather. The natural leather helps your toes breathe, and the injection-molded EVA midsole supplies for superior lightweight comfort.

This shoe is specially slipped resistant, making them safe in hazardous work areas, such as for example development zones, hospitals, and professional kitchens. The very best is well-designed complete grain leather. The shoe looks best in all black, but there are several other color possibilities if black natural leather isn’t your style. Underneath of the shoe was created with a lug structure to help boost your traction while doing work on the concrete. The slip-resistant functions come from an in depth polyurethane outer sole on underneath of the shoe.

New Balance 526 sneakers are created for walking extended hours in working environments such as for example nursing and restaurants personnel such as for example waiters and waitresses who’ve to move around and become quite agile. They happen to be slip resistant for oil and water to lessen accidents.

New Stability hits the list once again using its 627 steel toe job service shoe which has a simple, sporty glance. This shoe is exquisite for those persons who aren’t only on the cement flooring all day at the job but need safety shoes to safeguard their toes. This shoe also offers the EVA injection-molded midsole just like the 626 and is artificial leather for easy maintenance just.

2. Dansko

This company is renowned for providing a number of various kinds of shoes for individuals who’ve to work on their feet all day including shoes for doctors and kitchen staff. They have designs for everyday and business dress in though almost all of their styles flunk of looking accurately like traditional formal sneakers. Still, you often will wear almost all of the varieties of these supportive shoes but still comply with a dress code.

Among the top recommended newer designs is normally Dansko Pro XP. It really is light weight, provides extra cushioning with foam, removable footbed(in the event you need personalized orthotics) and certified slide resistant outsole.  In addition, it gets the wide toebox, deep heel glass, and steel shank provides lateral steadiness.

Dansko does make shoes and boots for men and women. Consider some recommendations if you need shoes that look more professional than casual. The Dansko Wayne could be worn with business everyday pants or a continuing business suit. That is a supportive and relaxed shoe.

Dansko for Men:

Dansko Men's Professional Oiled Leather Clog

Dansko Men’s Professional Oiled Leather Clog

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Dansko has been supplying several styles which are just available in guys sizes. Dansko Wayne, Dansko Wynne, and Dansko Wyatt are created with chefs at heart. They all provide stain and water-resistant upper natural leather with the oil tolerant outsole.

Dansko Walker:

Dansko Men's Walker Oxford

Dansko Men’s Walker Oxford

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This relative type of shoes is fairly classy, and this works extremely well for perhaps those conditions where you’re functioning at a retail store or service restaurant on a difficult floor all day long. The soles of the shoes are man-made, plus they include a triple-density EVA insole aswell. In addition they slip resistant and convenient maintenance.

Dansko Sneakers for Women:

Dansko Women's Adriana Oxford

Dansko Women’s Adriana Oxford

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Women’s Dansko Sneakers happen to be slide resistant for oil, drinking water, and soap. They are believed comfortable and supportive for standing all full day on hard floors.

Dansko Adriana Slide Resistant Sneaker

The Dansko Adriana gives slip resilient outsole, arch support, and lightweight, soft leather higher, midsole provides shock strength and absorption, breathable inside lining, lateral stability and adaptable slip resistant outsole.

Dansko is top grade in terms of classical, stylish slip-on shoes. Even so, the Dansko Adriana will be a lot not the same as the other girls work shoes for concrete you will discover available from Dansko. They still include the Slip-resistant outer sole and are crafted totally from full grain leather, however the design is extra of a tennis shoe when compared to a Clog shoe. They are an outstanding choice for women work shoes for concrete because you get the product quality and focus of the Dansko manufacturer, but without the formal Dansko glance featured within their other shoes.

3. Skechers Work Shoes

The Skechers work shoes or boots especially Skechers Shape-ups function shoes will assist you to protect your toes from standing on concrete all day.

Skechers is a manufacturer that’s famous for being sturdy and stylish. You can get the latest models of that are well suited for everyday and even professional don while some of their sneakers look similar to athletic shoes.

If you are looking for sturdy, comfortable, stylish shoes and boots, look no further then. Skechers continues to manufacture high-quality shoes for the workplace. In the event that you work within an environment what your location is standing on your feet on concrete for several hours, then simply Skechers Sure track boots and shoes will offer you some much-needed relief. The same could possibly be for just about any women’s shoe created by Skechers. Skechers possesses always put a give attention to designing boots and shoes that are for active lifestyles, be it exercising or operating. They’ll endure a beating on concrete but still give you amazing cushioning.

Skechers for Work  for Women:

Skechers for Work Women's 76536 Sure Track Slip-Resistant Shoe

Skechers for Work Women’s 76536 Sure Track Slip-Resistant Shoe

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If you are a female and work 10+ time on concrete floors on feet all day at the job, Sure Track Work sneakers will give you a whole lot of comfort because of their relaxed fit design and style and full-length foam insoles. They are cross training shoes and provide lateral support and balance for standing all full day. They offer excellent arch support, and you could use your tailor made arch supports assuming you have any problem in your toes because foam footbed is totally removable.  The relaxed match version offers a a good amount of toe area in the forefront place so your toes won’t squish.

In case you are on feet all day and need very good arch support and cushioning, try the Sure monitor relaxed fit assortment of work shoes and boots. The full-length foam footbed offers a whole lot of cushioning and incredibly good support for walking and standing on the concrete floor all day. They are able to suit up to size C width. For narrow foot try the none Calm variation of the Sure Monitor work shoes.

Still your toes hurt and need considerably more cushioning and support for your arches? Or require Rocker Bottom level sole shoes? Have a look at Skechers Shape-ups for women.

Skechers Work Shoes for Men:

Skechers for Work Men's

Skechers for Work Men’s 77019 Cottonwood Fribble Slip Resistant Work Shoe

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If you would like to look very good and remain safe at your work’s slippery ground, I would suggest Skechers Cottonwood Fribble function shoe. They are constructed of smooth upper household leather in a lace-up design and style for perfect fit. The full-length memory foam provides satisfactory arch support and a complete lot of cushioning. The footbed is removable, and you will insert your insoles or custom-made orthotics for your foot type. The tranquil fit design supplies the roomy toe box, and your feet can fit into these shoes if you have bunions even. This everyday dress shoe will help you to absorb shock on the hard concrete floor all full day long.

Skechers for Work Men's 76760 Soft Stride Steel-Toe Work Shoe

Skechers for Work Men’s 76760 Soft Stride Steel-Toe Work Shoe

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They have midsole made to absorb shock. The outsole offers been tested for slip resistant, and you will walk comfortably on slippery floors.

Skechers for Work Men's 76690 Keystone Sneaker

Skechers for Work Men’s 76690 Keystone Sneaker

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Skechers is an extremely popular brand among a multitude of different shoes, which list is manufactured by them. Before getting into the precise pros of the shoe line, note on difference is these shoes up are lace, which differs from a number of the other choices. The cushioned insole can be detachable, and the heel steps 1.25 inches. The trendy slip-resistant shoe is great for everyday environments.

4. Rockport Shoes

Rockport Men's World Tour Classic Walking Shoe

Rockport Men’s World Tour Classic Walking Shoe

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Rockport has many designs, which are well suited for walking, including the truWALKzero range. They are carefully crafted for folks with an active life-style and mimic the foot’s natural walking action.

Features include:

  •  Adiprene cushioning and cushioning. The shoe is tailored to lessen strain on the foot, in the heel and midsole place particularly.
  •  Rubber outsole. Protected rubber tread on a number of surfaces.
  •  Lightweight materials.

This durable walking slide on shoe provides as much convenience to its owner as any shoe on this list. This shoe features the latex footbed, EVA ADIPRENE and midsole by Adidas technology in the back heel for maximum cushioning. The rubber outsole may be the super grippy. The household leather grain appears to the higher part of the shoe is a good extra touch. Not merely is this shoe stylish but it is rather simple to clean aswell.

Rockport Men's Eureka Walking Shoe

Rockport Men’s Eureka Walking Shoe

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Key Features:

  • ADIPRENE by Adidas technology for highly cushioning and heel protection
  • Deep heel Cup for heel balance and support
  • Super Grippy long lasting rubber outsole
  • Textile lining for breathability and smell control
  • Flexible
  • These are excellent shoes for many who work on concrete all full day.


Alegria Women's Keli Professional Slip Resistant Work Shoe

Alegria Women’s Keli Professional Slip Resistant Work Shoe

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Whatever your profession, be sure that the shoes you select could keep your feet comfortable through the entire whole day even on the concrete floor.

Allegria shoes or boots offer extra width, making them ideal for folks with wide feet who may struggle to find shoes naturally, which give a proper fit. They are also suited to those who need extra wide toe areas, because of bunions or plantar fasciitis. The attractive designs make the shoes exquisite for professionals who usually do not want to sacrifice style for comfort. Top features of the shoes include:

  • Elastic instep. This means that the shoes keep up with the capability of being “slip on, slip off”, but have a secure match also.
  •  Stain proof leather top, for durability.
  •  Slip resistant sole. Ideal for individuals who job in nursing.
  •  Foam and latex footbed. Avoid sore, swollen feet by the end of an extended day.
  • Detachable footbed. Use your custom made orthotics with these shoes and boots.

The Alegria is probably the more classical and elegant women’s work shoes for concrete. It really is an update from their earlier Alegria Classic, that was an excellent work clog on its own. This latest shoe has a few extra features, such as for example good rotating straps that increase your steadiness with sling back capacities. There exists a very supportive, multi-dimension footbed, nonetheless it can be removed in the event that you would like to insert your custom made footbeds. Inside the shoe is as beautiful as the outside just, but more comfortable. Viewers they are rather wide shoes, possibly in your correct shoe size. This helps you forget the shoe totally even though it is still protecting and supporting your foot. Underneath of the shoe was created to be flat to greatly help improve steadiness in the ongoing workshop.


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