Best Track Spikes For Short, Middle, And Long Distance 2016

Having the best track spikes is really important, whether you are a short, middle or long distance track runner it can really make the difference with your running times.

Being the fastest may sound easy, but there is more to it than just running. Something else that can make a big difference in a race is the type of shoe that you wear. That’s why we’re here today, to talk about the best shoes for running a race, those being track spikes.

Best Track Spikes

What Are Track Spikes?

Track spikes are specially designed running shoe meant for running around a race track to help improve performance. Track spikes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, not to mention that different shoes that have a different number and styles of spikes depending your distance and style.

How Does Having The Best Track Spikes Improve Your Sprinting?

There is one simple reason as to why having the best track spikes can and definitely will improve your running and your overall lap time. This reason is because of the spikes. Running a race means wanting to have the most traction and grip possible because without it your feet slip around on the ground and cost you speed.

Every time you take a step your feet slip a little bit and that will reduce your running speed. Wearing track spikes mean that with every step your feet will dig into the ground and lock into place, preventing slippage and backward movement. Track spikes can also be really good for running because they are mostly designed with human biomechanics in mind and are made to provide optimal comfort and support for the feet while running.

What Type Of Track Spikes Do You Need?

What type of track spikes you need really depends on the type of surface that you are running on. The main difference between track spikes will be in the shape of the pins. Some track spikes have needle spikes, some have Christmas tree spikes, and some have pyramid spikes. The type of spike you pick will depend on the surface, which could be wood, grass, compacted dirt, or some sort of synthetic running track.

The longer and sharper spikes such as needle track spikes are ideal for outdoor venues and pyramid spikes are ideal for running on indoor wooden surfaces. The choice is really up to you and different runners have different preferences. It’s all about seeing which ones you feel the most comfortable in and which ones give you the most bang for the buck.

The Best Sprinting Spikes For Men And Women 2016

Saucony Men’s Velocity Track Shoe

The Saucony Men’s Velocity Track Shoe is a fantastic shoe with track spikes for any man for a number for reasons. This shoe is made with running in mind and that’s why it is made with air mesh construction, meaning that it is significantly lighter than most other shoes; being light is very important when it comes to running quickly.

The air mesh construction also means that the feet don’t get too hot while running and can still breathe to prevent from getting soaked in sweat. This shoe also comes with a die cut EVA foam midsole which is great for absorbing shock and impact. When you are running you want to minimize the impact that your feet and knees take in order to prevent pain and injuries in the long run.

All of this is good, but of course the best part is the 7 pin Pebax Spike Plate which ensures that your feet will have as much grip and traction as possible when running around the track or even when playing sports like football or baseball. This is definitely one of the best track spikes out there.

PUMA Complete Tfx Sprint III Track Shoe

The PUMA Track Shoe is built specially for runners who love to sprint and go as fast as possible on the track. First of all these shoes have a great synthetic sole that is very flexible and comfortable too; it provides fantastic arch support for the feet, something that is vital when running.

The great synthetic sole also absorbs most of the high impact that comes along with running. Of course this shoe has a fantastic spiked forefront and outer sole which means that a runner can get maximum traction when sprinting, running hurdles, or playing any sport on a field. Runners often experience pain due to the tongue and collar of the shoe digging in to the foot, but these shoes have solved that problem by making both the tongue and the collar padded for ultimate comfort.

The PUMA Track Shoe also features a sock like fit which means that they are very snug and are sure not to slip off in the middle of a race. This shoe is also made with air mesh technology which means that these shoes are ideal for any running man because they are very light weight and extremely breathable, both things that are important when it comes to running.

Saucony Men’s Spitfire 2 Track Shoe


These shoes are really fantastic for running because they were engineered with the biomechanics of humans in mind. The Saucony Spitfire was designed especially for runners by providing for a base and a sole that will properly support the arches of the feet.

Arch support is very important when it comes to running in order to prevent foot pain and other injuries. The arch support of this shoe is also very flexible which means that conform to the shape of a person’s foot to ensure maximum comfort. These shoes do of course have a great set of spikes on the outer sole and on the front of the shoe, which is something that is needed when running a race.

Traction can be hard to achieve, especially in the rain, but that is not at all a problem with these fantastic shoes. Another great aspect about the Saucony Spitfires is that they feature a neat little Velcro strap and laces in order to ensure a snug fit and so they won’t fall off in the middle of a race. The entire shoe is also very flexible, soft, and lightweight, which are all things that any runner looks for in a shoe.

PUMA Men’s TFX Sprint V4 Track And Field Shoe

These shoes are probably some of the best track spikes out there, and there is one good reason for that. In total these shoes weight only 7 ounces, making some of the lightest running shoes that can be found. Running fast has never been easier than with these ultra-lightweight shoes.

Another really great part about this pair of PUMAs is the fact that they have an 8 spike foot bed which maximizes traction and provides for optimal running performance; the spikes work together to dig into the ground to make sure that no slipping happens.

The special compression molded midsole provides for a lot of arch support and comfort in terms of shock absorption and the die cut EVA sock liner makes sure that your feet fit snugly into the shoes without slipping out of them. These track shoes are probably the most lightweight, most comfortable, and provide for the most traction out of any and all track shoes that are available on the market today.

Best Sprinting Spikes For Women For 2016


Saucony Women’s Velocity Track Shoe


Up until now these are some of the best track spikes that we have found for women. One of these reasons is because they are specially designed to provide for maximum arch support, arch support being very important for running long distances because without it the feet can end up in a lot of pain and discomfort.

The rubber sole of this shoe is also ideal for running because it provides for a lot of shock absorption, shock and impact which would otherwise be transferred to the feet, ankles, and knees. These shoes are also made of synthetic materials mixed with textiles in order to ensure that the shoe is lightweight and breathable.

You don’t want to be running around the track with cinderblocks attached to your feet and these shoes make sure that isn’t the case. Of course seeing as these are track spikes the bottom of the shoe does feature an advanced spike bed to make sure that the runner does not slip while running; when running a race traction is everything.

Saucony Women’s Spitfire 2 Track Shoe


The Spitfire for women is a great running shoe for all circumstances, especially when on the field or on the track. One of the main reasons for this is because it has a padded tongue and collar which helps to prevent a lot of undue stress and pressure being put on the ankle and the top of the foot.

These shoes also have a great Velcro strap, that combined with the specially designed insole provide for an ultra-snug fit; these shoes won’t fall off and better yet wearing them almost feels like wearing nothing at all. This is also thanks in part to the ultra-light design of the Spitfires. They were designed with speed in mind and that means not having too much weight being dragged around.

Furthermore these shoes are optimal for running in and preventing foot pain because they have a great synthetic sole that absorbs most of the impact of running. Not only that b, but the insole is also designed with human biomechanics in mind, meaning that they have great arch support and are made to move with the foot in order to provide the least resistance possible.

Adidas Performance Women’s Sprintstar Running Shoes with Spikes


The ADIDAS Running Shoes With Spikes are ideal for any woman that loves to run and race around the track. These shoes are really great in terms of their ability to let a person run faster because they only weigh a total of 4.7 ounces, making them very lightweight and easy to carry around.

Not only are they light, but they are very breathable as well and that is thanks to the specially designed mesh that allows for maximum heat exchange to keep the feet nice and cool during a run. This shoe is also designed with SPRINTWEB Technology which combined with the synthetic overlays in this shoe make it very snug and secure, ensuring that your feet will not slip around in the shoe or slip out of the shoe while running.

The ADIDAS Running Shoe with Spikes is probably one of the best track spikes out there for women because they also contain a padded tongue, collar, and heel in order to reduce pressure and strain on the ankle and Achilles tendon, something that is extremely important when running long distances.The rubber sole in this shoe is also fantastic for providing comfort and reducing the impact that is creating from sprinting. Not to mention the fact that they have an advanced spike bed to ensure for maximum traction and speed.

PUMA Women’s TFX Sprint V4 Track Spike Shoe

PUMA’s are always fantastic choices for running because they are some of the only shoes around that were really designed with runners in mind. This shoe is specially designed to support the feet just the way they were meant to be supported.

The biomechanically proper shoe provides for great arch and heel support to make sure that running will not cause foot pain. The soles of these shoes are also very flexible to make sure that while running the shoe works with the foot and not against the foot. Of course these shoes are track spikes which means that they have a great spike bed at the front of the foot to allow for increased grip and traction while running on a slippery or wet surface.

These shoes are very comfortable to wear and are even better for running long distance, they are even ideal for running hurdles too. The synthetic sole in this shoe is also specially designed to maximize speed and minimize impact. When it comes to a track spike shoe for women this is most likely the best option out there at the moment.

What Are The Best Middle Distance Spikes

New Balance Men’s MMD500V3 Middle Distance Spike Running Shoe


These shoes are more than ideal for short and middle distance races for a number of reasons. First of all the 6 spike configuration at the front of the shoe digs into the ground with every step to provide for as much traction and staying power as possible. Nobody wants to slip around while running a race and these shoes are ideal for combating slippery surfaces.

Another great part about these track spikes is that they feature a lace up vamp to make sure that your feet are comfortably snug in the shoe and won’t slip around on the inside; feet sliding and slipping around inside shoes is definitely not ideal for any kind of race! The New Balance is also really great because they are very light weight and very breathable too, the mesh design makes sure of that and will keep your feet energized and cool for the duration of the race.

They also have a padded tongue and collar to ensure that there is as little pressure as possible placed on the heel, the Achilles tendon, and the top of the foot. When it comes to running middle distance races these are without a doubt the best track spikes available today.

Are Track Spikes Safe For Kids?

Generally speaking track spikes are safe for children to wear. That being said it is recommended that kids go through their growth spurts before wearing full out track spikes and that while there is still a lot of growth happening children should only wear track spikes with small heels. The only reasons it is said that children shouldn’t wear track spikes for running events is because many other children don’t have them and this may provide for an unfair advantage over those who don’t have them.

Track Spike Safety Tips

One of the biggest safety tips when it comes to getting the best track spikes is to always find a pair that fits really well and that you feel very comfortable in. If you don’t feel good in them when trying them on then they will probably cause pain when you actually run in them.

Also track spikes to slightly alter the way a person runs which means that any shoe with spikes needs to have optimal arch support and a good insole for absorbing impact and shock. When wearing track spikes make sure that the shoe fits snugly because if it doesn’t the track spikes may cause undue impact to certain areas of the feet. Other than those tips the only thing we can say is to not step on anybody’s hands or feet because it’s going to hurt!

We hope you have found our post helpful and that you have been able to find the best track spikes for you. Good luck improving your running times!

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