Cheap Footjoy Golf Shoes for Men and Women

Guide & Reviews To Find The Best And Cheapest Footjoy Golf Shoes For Men and Women

Golf is a fantastic and popular sport but let’s face it, it can turn into a costly hobby so it’s always good where possible to save some dollars but without sacrificing quality, the same applies to shoes so we wanted to highlight some great and cheap footjoy golf shoes available that are excellent quality but just a bit more affordable than some of the other golf shoes on the market.

Cheap Footjoy Golf Shoes

Where To Buy Cheap Footjoy Golf Shoes

Finding a decent pair of Footjoy golf shoes at an affordable price is a lot easier than you think, sure you can visit your local sports shop with the hope there will be a sale on but these days more and more people are turning online to not only buy golf shoes but pretty much all of their golf equipment.

The reason behind this is simple;

– It’s easier.
– You don’t need to leave the house.
– You can search and find the best deals, instead of relying on one local sports shop.
– Online prices are generally cheaper than shop prices.

– You can see what other people are saying about the product (reviews and ratings).

The list goes on but I am sure you can understand that online is certainly the way to go. Below is a great list of footjoy golf shoes that have excellent ratings, reviews and overall provide a quality shoe for the money. We hope this helps you finding the perfect Footjoy shoe for you.

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Cheap Footjoy Golf Shoes for Men

1. FootJoy DryJoys Casual Men’s Golf Shoes

The DryJoys Casual’s are a great affordable option, they are only available in the color white which makes them neutral and wearable with basically anything, here are some things you need to know about the shoe;

– White Color, available in most sizes.
– Waterproof.
– Soft and very comfortable, made with ECL advanced leather which is 30% softer that the previous shoe versions.
– Made with fine tune foam which provides superior comfort.
– Very lightweight shoe.


2. Men’s Footjoy Contour Casual Spikeless Golf Shoe

This is another great and affordable spikeless option which offers a bit more variety in terms of choice, there are 6 different shoe colors/styles available – all at which at the same price which really is fantastic value compared to some of the other Footjoy Golf Shoes on the market. The Footjoy Contour Casual Spikeless Golf Shoe are made from soft leather so the shoe is not only waterproof but extremely durable, made to last. The shoe is also made with a lightweight cushioned fit-bed which provides heel support and additional comfort, so very comfortable and lightweight.


3. Footjoy Men’s Hyperflex Golf Shoes

The Hyperflex Golf Shoes are at top end of our cheap golf Shoes list, they are still very affordable but just slightly more expensive than the other options but non the less we felt that they deserved to be mentioned too, they have fantastic reviews and are an fantastic looking shoe.

Here some important points;

– Available in 5 great colors.
– An affordable Footjoy shoe option.
– FlexGrid 2.0 upper conforms and expands to movement of the foot and during the physics of a golf swing.
– Optimized performance on the heel of the shoe to provide additional stability.
– Extremely comfortable (supercharged cushioning) and lightweight.


Cheap Footjoy Golf Shoes for Women

1. FootJoy Women’s LoPro Collection Golf Shoes

The LoPro Collection shoes are fantastic value for money, aside from that they are a very nice looking shoe that are available in five different styles so there is an option available to match everyone’s style and taste.

They are made of leather with full grain uppers for added comfort with a specially made outsole to provide additional grip so you can focus on trying to get your hole in one (we all have to dream, right?). Overall they are a cleverly made shoe that are stylish, comfortable and lightweight which makes them a great choice.


2. Footjoy Women’s Golf Shoes Lopro Saddle 97228

The Saddle 97228 shoes are probably the most affordable pair of Footjoys available for women at the moment. They are a simple but smart looking shoe that come in a standard white color with a slight dash of color, which means they are perfect to wear with pretty much anything. These shoes are really made to last (Leather made) and completley waterproof (they even come with a 1 year waterproof warranty which is fantastic and reassuring).

They have Pulsar cleats made by Softspikes to provide a quality grip and lastly they are an extremley comfortable shoe as they have cushion insoles so you don’t have to worry about getting sore feet and you can focus on improving your game and having fun.


We hope you found a list of Cheap Footjoy Golf Shoes helpful and hopefully the reviews have helped you narrow down your search to finding an affordable but quality pair so you can get on and enjoy your golf games in comfort and style.

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