Flip Flops For Plantar Fasciitis – Best Options 2016

Plantar fasciitis is quite a serious orthopaedic condition that affects millions of people around the world. It results in horrible foot pain and for many an inability to walk or even get up. Thankfully there is such thing as special flip flops for plantar fasciitis. It may sound odd but wearing flip flops can reverse the effects of plantar fasciitis and even cure it too.

flip flops for plantar fasciitis

Let’s cover the basics first by explaining what plantar fasciitis is, how you know if you have it, and why flip flops are great for people who suffer from it. After that we’re going to recommend a few different types of flip flops that are best for treating plantar fasciitis. If you are tired of suffering from foot pain then you may have plantar fasciitis. Keep reading to find out everything that you need to know.

What is Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar Fasciitis is a very serious condition that can be severely debilitating and it is actually one of the most common causes of heel pain. To be exact, the plantar fascia is the band or ligament that connects your toes to your heel and it provides support for the arch of your foot. Plantar Fasciitis is caused when this ligament is strained too much and it can result in swelling, inflammation and extreme pain in the soles and the arches of the feet. The excess strain results in little tears to the ligament which then leads to the pain and inflammation.

This condition is quite common in middle aged people and younger people who spend a lot of time on their feet. Professions such as being a soldier, an athlete, or even a mail man can all be linked to Plantar Fasciitis because these people spend a lot of time on their feet. Plantar fasciitis can also be caused by being overweight, by suffering from over pronation (the excessive inward rolling of the foot when walking), by having flat feet or really high arches, if you have overly tight Achilles tendons and calf muscles, or if you wear shoes that don’t fit right. Not to worry though because one of the best treatments is to wear flip flops for plantar fasciitis.

How do I know if I have Plantar Fasciitis?

There are a few different classic signs of suffering from Plantar Fasciitis. Here are a few different ways that you can know if you are suffering from this debilitating condition:

• If flexing your toes or standing on your tip toes causes pain in your heels.
• If you suffer from foot pain, especially when taking the first few steps after getting out of bed or getting up after prolonged periods of sitting or lying down.
• If you have a tender spot at the bottom of the heel where the plantar fascia attaches to the heel.
• If you have severe pain and tenderness throughout the plantar fascia ligament (usually in the middle of the sole of the foot).
• If you have minimal to severe swelling in the heel or sole of the foot.
• If your feet roll inwards too much when walking.
• Or if you have excessively low or high arches when standing.

The Benefits of Wearing Flip Flops For Plantar Fasciitis

There are a few different benefits that come along with wearing flip flops if you are suffering from plantar fasciitis. One thing that needs to be kept in mind is that they can’t just be any old pair of flip flops. Flip flops for plantar fasciitis need to be special orthopaedic shoes in order to provide the proper treatment for pain and inflammation. Some of the benefits that come along with wearing flip flops when suffering from this condition include:

• Stability – flip flops with deep heel cups for your heels will provide you with extra cushioning and padding which increases the stability in your foot.
• Blood Circulation and Proper Alignment – the specially contoured foot bed and toe bed combined with circulation stimulating material helps to support proper bone alignment which decreases the pressure on the plantar fascia.
• Support – A good pair of flip flops will provide the much needed arch support through good heel cups which promote the proper position of the feet and in turn this will relieve stress on the plantar fascia.

Keep in mind that wearing the wrong kind of flip flops can actually make it worse. Thin bottomed sandals without proper heel or arch support will just make things worse. Another thing that is to be avoided is to get flip flops with thin straps, as well getting thin soled flip flops is also not ideal. Now let’s move on and talk about a few different kinds of flip flops that are excellent for relieving the symptoms of plantar fasciitis.

The 7 Best Flip Flops for Plantar Fasciitis for Men and Women

Vionic Unisex Wave Toe Post Sandal

This pair of flip flops for plantar fasciitis is perfect for treating the pain caused by the condition for a number of reasons. These specially designed orthopaedic flip flops are great because they have great arch support and a very deep heel cradle which promotes the proper position and alignment of the bones. These flip flops are also great for controlling over-pronation which also results in foot pain.

These flip flops come widely recommended by several different orthopaedic specialists and were designed with their expertise in mind. The Vionics also come with a very thick rubber sole that supports the whole foot from front to back. They also have thick straps in order to promote proper foot placement when walking. Over pronation is often caused by the feet slipping around or the shoes slipping on the ground when walking which is why these flip flops are great because they come with specially designed soles to prevent slipping. This is one of the most highly recommended type of flip flops for people suffering from foot pain.

Olukai Men’s Ohana Flip Flop

These flip flops offer great arch support due to the specialized anatomical compression moulded EVA foot bed. This type of foot bed is one of the best ways to provide the much needed arch support, a lack of which can cause plantar fasciitis. The specially designed midsole foot bed also provides the much needed cushioning that people who suffer from plantar fasciitis need.

Speaking of the thick rubber sole, it provides a good layer of padding between the foot sole and the ground, thus relieving stress and pressure experienced by people who spend too much time on their feet. Another thing that is great about these flip flops is that they contain an ICEVA drop in foot bed that provides personalized support and will mould the foot to provide optimal comfort. The Olukai flip flops also have thick support straps which assist in preventing an overly loose fit and that helps to provide proper support from the top.

OOFOS Unisex Original Thong Flip Flop

This particular pair of flip flops comes highly recommended for the relief of foot pain, especially pain caused by plantar fasciitis. These flip flops use a patented kind of technology that is known as OOFOAM technology. What that means is that the OOFOS flip flops are specially designed to absorb impact, impact which can cause the plantar fascia to become inflamed. The one inch thick sole and heel of these flip flops are designed to alleviate stress and reduce inflammation by providing an overly thick base to stand on. This type of technology also helps to support the arches of your feet by hugging the arches tightly. All of this helps to properly align your feet, provide heel and arch support, and to promote the proper alignment of the feet in order to avoid over pronation.

Stridetek Flipthotics Orthotic Sandals

These flip flops are great for relieving the pain of plantar fasciitis for a number of different reasons. First of all the Stridetek flip flops have a very deep heel cup which provides stability, support, and good cushioning in order to promote the proper stance of your foot. The extra-deep heel cup also helps to stabilize the foot and prevent lateral movement, lateral movement which can result in over pronation.

These flip flops also contain a patented metatarsal riser pad throughout the soles of the sandals which helps to promote the proper biomechanics of the feet, or in other words they help you walk the way that your feet were designed to be used. Another really important factor is the increased orthopaedic arch support which prevents the stretching and straining of the plantar fascia. Also, the thick soles and extra thick heels have an increased ability to absorb shock and impact which prevents stress every time the heel touches down on the ground. These flip flops come very highly recommended by foot pain and orthopaedic experts around the world.

Telic Unisex Flip Flop

One of the best features about these particular flip flops is that they feature an anatomically correct foot bet. Many flip flops do not have an ideal foot bed and most of them are straight and flat, which is not ideal for walking. The Telic flip flops are great for treating plantar fasciitis because they are perfectly designed to hug the feet. They were created in order to model the shape of an anatomically correct foot and that mean that they provide the proper arch and heel support that feet should have when walking.

Another great feature that these flip flops have is that they have a thick sole which is great for absorbing impact and shock that occurs every time a person takes a step. Moreover, the naturally curved foot bed also promotes the proper movement of the foot, the hell, and the arch when walking. This helps to prevent over pronation and lateral movement of the foot.

Olukai Kikaha Men’s Flip Flop Sandal

These flip flops are the next pair that is recommended for the alleviation of foot pain caused by plantar fasciitis. One of the reasons as to why they come so highly recommended is because they have a compression moulded mid sole which is great for providing the proper cushioning and arch support that the plantar fascia needs in order to recover. Moreover the whole foot bed from front to back is EVA compression moulded and built extra thick to provide stability, support, and cushioning against the impact of walking long distances.

Another really great feature about these flip flops is that they have an extra-thick toe strap which helps to keep the foot in place and prevent the over pronation of the fteet’s arches. The front of the shoe is also bent slightly upwards to help keep water out of the flip flops, water which can cause lateral movement and the slipping of the foot. The slight bend in the front also promotes the proper placement and biomechanical function of the feet.

SoftScience Skiff Flip Flops – Women’s

One of the really great features about these flip flops when it comes to treating the pain caused by plantar fasciitis is the fact they have a soft toe post and extra-thick straps. The soft toe post and thick straps provides for a comfortable fit all day long and moreover this feature means that the flip flops will stay securely in place. This is important because it will prevent over pronation and prevent lateral foot movement.

The SoftScience Flip Flops also provide for optimal arch support which means that the plantar fascia will not be nearly as strained when walking. Arch support is always very important because it promotes the proper biomechanical movement of the feet, something that is very important for getting rid of foot pain. These flip flops also have an extra-thick and soft sole which provide cushioning and reduce the impact that the foot takes with each step.

Why Arch Support is Important

Arch support is perhaps the most important factor when it comes to suffering from plantar fasciitis and proper arch support can go a very long way in relieving the symptoms of the condition, even going so far as to treat the condition and get rid of it for good. Proper support for the arches of the feet is very important because the arches are the number one absorber of impact caused from walking and they are the part of the body that is most affected by carrying your body weight around every day.

Arch support is also very important because it helps to maintain the natural arch of the foot. With increased use and old age the arches of the feet can actually flatten out and that can lead to a variety of musculoskeletal conditions including plantar fasciitis. Good arch support will ensure that the feet actually stay arched. Having the proper support for the arch in your foot also leads to the decrease in over pronation. The lateral rolling movement cause by over pronation can damage the arches and stress the ligaments. The less your foot moves in the flip flop the better. Arch support is extremely important. Having a great pair of flip flops for plantar fasciitis can help save you a lot of foot pain indeed.

Best Flip Flops with Arch Support

Crocs Unisex Modi Flip

These flip flops, or to be more accurate, Crocs, are really great for anybody that suffers from plantar fasciitis. The reason for this is because they are probably the best flip flops out there in terms of providing the proper arch support that is so much needed in order to prevent or get rid of foot pain. The Crocs are specially designed to be anatomically correct in order to support and even encourage the proper arching of the feet. The soles of the shoes are also specially designed to cup the heel in the back, which of course also supports the proper arching of the foot. And in order to reduce stress and impact the sole of the Croc is made to absorb shocks and save your arches from unnecessary pain.

What Makes a Good Pair of Flip Flops

There are a few different factors which contribute to making a good flip flop, features that are especially important when dealing with foot pain and plantar fasciitis. Here are a few different things which contribute to making a good pair of flip flops:

• Thick straps and a soft toe post which will provide stability and help prevent over pronation.
• Thick soles which will provide adequate cushioning and prevent the feet from absorbing too much shock or impact when walking.
• Proper arch support that will support the natural biomechanical function and movement of the foot.
• A deep heel cup for the ball or heel of the foot that will provide stability, prevent over pronation, and also provide adequate cushioning.
• Anti-slip soles that prevent slipping and also prevent water from getting under your feet; slipping can cause over pronation.

A good pair of flip flops will have all of these features and if you pick a pair that has all of the features mentioned above then you will definitely be able to relieve the pain caused by plantar fasciitis, maybe even get rid of the plantar fasciitis all together. Getting the best pair of flip flops for plantar fasciitis is a highly recommended method of treating the largely debilitating condition.

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